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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sun and Moon Dragons

For the first day of Blogtoberfest, it seems right that I share this project, as it has been so long in the making and now is finally finished! 
About 12 or 15 years ago, I bought a self-published cross stitch chart booklet from a charity shop.  It was called the Moongate Book of Dragons and I painstakingly copied the Moongate Dragon chart into my cross stitch software (Easy Cross) to make it easier to work from, then stitched it.

It was my intention to then change the colours to make a Sun Dragon and flip the chart so I would have a pair of dragons facing each other.  But before I got around to doing that, we had a computer crash, I had to re-install the software and all my previous files had been corrupted.  It meant putting in the entire chart again, square by square and I couldn't face it at the time!

Fast forward 12 or 15 years ....... I bit the bullet (been doing a lot of that recently .....) and redid the chart.  Stitching in my car before work every morning and also putting in a few hours at crops, meant I finished it in three months, which is probably something of a record for me!

Here is the Moon:

And the Sun:

Both together:

Hung in their final positions above the window:

The Sun Dragon is stitched on light blue fabric, though it does appear white when hung next to the other one LOL.

I am so pleased to have finished them off, finally!


  1. They are fantastic!! I found some cross stitch stuff the other day - I've done very little the past 10 years but this makes me want to have a go. I found you through Blogtoberfest and the Buffy quote immediately caught my eye (Spike FTW!) but also metal, sci-fi and all those crafts?!? We might be kindred spirits! *g*

  2. Wow amazing work, I can feel your pain though, I started a tapestry over 30 years ago and it's not finished, I decided it was easier for me to paint the scene instead.
    I found you from Blogtoberfest and I'm now following you on Bloglovin

  3. Hi Wendy well you have managed to keep up so far LOL!!! Wow two fabulous cross stitch pictures - they look fab and well done for squeezing in a bit of cross stitch each day - I must try that, you never know one day I might get that butterfly afghan finished!!

  4. Wow! Those dragons are a-maz-ing. What a labour of love. Karen said she had persuaded a couple of new people to join, I didn't realise one of them was you!

  5. Where did my comment go? I'll say it again. It's great to see them both together. :) well worth the effort!