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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Christmas preparation: Mincemeat, part two

Oops!  I forgot that I had shown the first step, but not the finished jar!  When it's matured for a while, I will be using it to make Delia's Christmas Mincemeat cake.  The recipe from her original Christmas book does not appear to be online, the similarly-titled one on her website requires pre-soaking of fruit and has some different ingredients.  For this original version, you literally add mincemeat to the cake-y ingredients (flour etc), mix and bake.  If you can get hold of the book, I would recommend it highly just for this recipe - borrow it from a friend if you have to!

Just for good measure, I have started two more fruit vodkas - blueberry (left) and blackberry :-)

These should be ready to strain and drink just before Christmas.  That should give me enough time to find some nice bottles..... LOL

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  1. LOL at your comment about the mince pies on my blog - sadly I won't be doing the Christmas crop this year - Marillion always top trumps crafting :D so I'm doing mince pies at the November crop instead.

    Cake sounds nice and easy to make - looks like you will be having a very merry Christmas LOL!!