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Friday, 31 October 2014

Off to the ATDML retreat!

I have made it to the end of Blogtoberfest!  Really pleased that Karen persuaded me to take part and I shall definitely be carrying some ideas forward - I have had a lot of fun with the Buy it & Use it, Out of the Drawer and Pin-spiration themes.  A big thanks to Michelle for running it.
Today I am off to the retreat run by A Trip Down Memory Lane in Suffolk - the journey is supposed to take 2 hours, but I have never managed it in that time!  Here is what I am taking with me, somehow my good intentions of packing light this time just didn't happen......

Looking forward to a weekend of crafting and catching up with everyone I know :-)


  1. Well done on completing Blogtoberfest. I had an epic fail! You could join in with my SIPIDI meme, with one of your Pinterest inspired makes, if you like. Have a great weekend at the retreat.

  2. Have fun, hopefully I will get to join you next year, looking forward to seeing the classes that you do. And well done for getting through to the end!!