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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Christmas preparation: Mincemeat, part one

I haven't made this mincemeat for a couple of years, because I have discovered that Waitrose's all-butter mince pies are much better than the ones I make :-)  I do also use it to make a Christmas cake, but last year I had enough left to be able to do that.  Now that I have finally run out, I need to make another batch!

This is Delia's mincemeat recipe, which you can find here.  I miss out the almonds because I don't like nuts and I also peel the apples - she says you don't have to, but I don't like the little bits of peel in my teeth LOL.  I also can't recommend her suggestion that veggie suet is just as good, because the result is just horrendous and I had to throw it away.  Other peoples' experience may differ, of course ...... :-)

Here are all the ingredients mixed up and ready for the oven:


It'll take some time to cool enough to pot up, so I'll share the finished result with you tomorrow.  In the meantime, my house smells wonderful :-)


  1. Must admit I always cheat with my mincemeat - I buy the cheapest that the supermarkets have and then add loads of chopped cherries, dried cranberries and apricots and then some generous glugs of Cointreau LOL. I am sure the real deal is fabulous

  2. I love homemade mincemeat and always make my own - no suet though, just butter. It's fab and it keeps forever in the freezer.

    Yours looks lovely though and now I could kill for a mince pie Lol!