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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

I can't believe I haven't posted since the beginning of August! After I had done so well posting every day of my week off..... Well, going back to work hit me like a sledgehammer, I was exhausted, no energy at all :-(

So what's been happening? Well I have had a birthday! I had great trouble thinking of something I wanted as a present, then finally, as I was trying to craft in the tiny area of my desk that wasn't covered with stash and scraps and glue and rubbish ............... it came to me. I needed a new desk! DH was a little bit puzzled.... "you want a piece of furniture for your birthday?"

So the order was placed with Argos, and they actually delivered on my birthday, which was nice. I resisted the temptation to sit at work phoning DS's to see if it had arrived yet.....

We built it over the weekend, and I have spent the last week or so taking everything out of my craft room and then trying to put it back. I now know exactly what I have, a blessing and a curse because now I have to use it!!! Everything is stored properly rather than stuffed into a gap where it will fit :-) My main problem seems to be fabric rather than paper - the result of too many visits to Crowsons fabric factory sale .... oh and all the patchwork fabric I have bought....

And here it is! everything to hand and still space to work ..............bliss :-)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Strawberry mini flans

Just a quick update to show you what I did with those mini flan cases I baked on Friday. I haven't done anything like these before, and they got the thumbs up from Karen and Sy at the craft day yesterday - I made a cream cheese frosting rather than using whipped cream.

I managed to break my craft robo yesterday....... will have to be a bit creative about making titles until a new blade arrives LOL

Off to pack for today's crop now :-)