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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Black Sheep of the Family ......

My work colleague gave me this box to 'do something with', so I offered to decorate it to match her newly re-done bedroom.  She gave me a scrap of the curtain fabric to get the colours from, which were white, orange, yellow and green.

I decided to make paper panels for each side and ordered some papers from the Basic Grey 'Spice Market' range, as I thought the colours looked right.  I was going to use one paper over the whole item, but my colleague liked two of them, so I have made the side panels from one design and the front/back panels from another.

I cut and attached the panels, then decided that a gold line border would look good all around.  Sy did her best to dissuade me and I should have listened to her ...... it all went horribly wrong and when I took the lines off, the paper tore in a couple of places.  We made a quick dash to the market haberdashery and bought some fabric roses.  I attached these to the side panels with some pearly swirls and they do look rather nice :-)

I think I would have preferred it with just one paper on all sides, but it's not my bedroom it will be living in!  I will be handing it over tomorrow ... let's hope she likes it :-)


  1. Great job! Thanks for joining in with BlogtoberFest 2014, keep up the good work.

  2. of course she will love it - looks great!

  3. Fab, I'm sure she will love it x