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Friday, 3 October 2014

Embossing powder index

Today I thought I would share with you my system for indexing embossing powders.  Not only can you see which ones you have, it also shows the end colour, which is not always possible to see from the 'raw' powder.

I have this many powders .......

I didn't dare count, but it must be somewhere around 70.  Plus a few I haven't got around to indexing yet, still waiting patiently on the desk for their turn.  Then there are the ones languishing in a drawer because they don't work very well, yet I can't bear to throw them away......

Luckily, a few years ago, I hit on a system.  I bought an A5 pocket display file and cut several pieces of white card to fit inside.  Then I sorted the powders into colour groups and assigned a page to each group.  Each embossing powder has a stamped/embossed sample A B C in the book and I write the brand and colour name beside it.



Each card is only stamped/embossed on one side, but two cards fit back to back in the pockets.  It's proved absolutely invaluable over the years, as I can check for the right shade to match whatever paper I am using.

I really must get around to indexing the ones on my desk....... ;-)


  1. Very organised. :) The way I try to be. I might take your cue and try to post something about organising.

  2. Great idea- I possibly have this many too - I do like the idea of end result.

  3. Fab way of organising them - I am so often disappointed that the finished colour doesn't look any thing like what is in the pot