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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Magnificent Seven layout

My last post for Blogtober :-)  At the moment I am at the ATDML retreat, so it seems appropriate to post a layout using a photo from a previous retreat, April 2014.  This is actually one of my many almost-done layouts which are languishing in my albums, in need of title and /or journaling.  This one actually only needed the title!

I cut the title with Memory Box 'Alphabet Soup', using Stick It as the letters are quite small and fiddly.  The papers are from Marian Smith.

So that's Blogtober over and done with ... for this year....  I have enjoyed it, though it has got a bit stressy toward the very end, but next time I can be more prepared for that.  I have tried several new ideas and made good use of my Pinterest board - also I have managed to use new stash as it comes in and have pulled quite a lot of things out of the drawer.  I even took part in some challenges and I must try and do more of that, going forward.  Roll on next year :-)


  1. Beautiful LO Wendy and congratulations on completing Blogtober 2015.
    Toni xx

  2. Thanks for taking part Wendy and yes we are definitely on again for next year!! Great layout and nice to have met some of your magnificent seven this weekend. Sorry I haven't commented much this last week or so, once my fundraiser is out of the way I will get round to commenting on the rest of your blogtober