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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Freezer cooking weekend, part 2

A postscript to yesterday's session - you remember that I mentioned DH was making pizza?  Well he made four bases instead of two, so we topped and froze the two spare ones!

So today, I had three things to make.  I made a slow cooker chicken chorizo stew, a bolognese sauce for pasta and two suet rolls - these were both supposed to be frozen raw, to be cooked after thawing, but we had one for tea tonight as for some strange reason I didn't feel like cooking anymore!  In between, I made bread for the coming week.
Chicken Chorizo stew:


Suet roll (cooked):


It's been quite a productive weekend :-) Tiring, but I made sure to pace myself properly and not stand up too long on my bad feet!

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  1. Wow you have been busy!! How long will all these meals last for?