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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Decorated Ikea mirror

A few months ago, Sy got some mirrors from Ikea and I asked her if she could grab three for me too. They have been sitting on the shelf ever since ...... not because I can't think of what to do with them, rather I can think of too many ways to decorate them and find it difficult to settle on one idea!

So here is the "metal" mirror. It was inspired by a patchwork metal tutorial on Alix's blog. I embossed several pieces of metal, using Ten Second Studio moulds and Cuttlebug embossing folders. Then I spent hours filling the back of them with a quick drying filler - this is so that when the piece is handled the embossing doesn't get pushed back down :-) The mirror was covered in TSS killer tape, I left the red protective film on, just lifting it in the area I was sticking each piece. I dithered trying to decide whether to do squares or organic curvy shapes ....... went for the curves and regretted it after a couple of pieces.... took much longer than squares would have LOL.

Alix had ribbon on her tutorial for the joins between the metal pieces, but I rather fancied using up some of my bead stash ..... so I applied some matte accents to most of the joins and waited for it to go off a little so the beads would stick instantly.... this was quite tricky and those beads did not want to behave!

Then came all the embellishments - mosaic tiles around the edge of the mirror, a couple of charms (keys), blingy earrings (the two owls and the jewelled circle, a large button, some more mosaic tiles here and there and some nailheads. I left the whole lot to dry overnight and I am still not sure those beads are secure ...... LOL.

Next day I painted the edges - which of course I should have done first - with Precious Metal paint in bronze.

Now I have to decide where to hang it :-)
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  1. wow that is some great art there Wendy

  2. That is gorgeous! Question is, do you hang it somewhere prominent where everyone who sees it will ask you to make them one, or do you hang it where only you will see it?! :D

  3. WOW! Wendy, that is totally stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!
    Warmest wishes Anita.x

  4. Aww... I was hoping you'd hate it so that I could have it for Chrimbo!!! :( *sniffle* It came out great!!!!

  5. oh i'm so pleased you were inspired to have a go at my technique...and your mirror is gorgeous! :0)