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Monday, 6 September 2010

September Craft Weekend - part one

Had a great craft weekend as usual, Sy came down on the Friday night and brought her Tim Holtz DVDs with her - we stayed up late watching them! Although his style is not mine, I am starting to have a go with distress inks, so it was interesting to watch. The alcohol inks section was informative too, will be having a go with those at some point :-)

On Saturday we went over to Karen's, I got a lot of stitching done, then made some cards. I got my first subscription issue of Craft Stamper the other day (having waited ages for a subscriber gift which I liked!) and I am determined I am going to try at least one thing from each issue - as opposed to reading it, thinking "that looks good" and then putting it away....... LOL. There was a feature on masking off geometric shapes with post-it notes, distress inking the resulting aperture, then adding a silhouette stamp. Simple yet elegant, what could be more up my street??

The cards above are what I came up with .... plus a fourth one for which I used a stamp which proved to be totally unsuitable...... that one will never see the light of day again, I can tell you! My favourite is the dandelion heads :-) I am really pleased with the results and will definitely do this again, though I will buy big post-it notes - I only had teeny ones and trying to line them all up to form a big enough aperture took me ages LOL. Oh and I think I need some more silhouette type stamps ......
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  1. I enjoyed watching you create these and will attempt to have a go myself - I have a new SU christmas stamp that would be ideal - watch this space!!!!

  2. These frames are great! Were they already chained together like this, or is it your handiwork?

  3. LOL... I was referring to the frames in the entry below this. :) I'm a wally. I love this stamping technique. It's a new take on shadow stamping... for which you don't need a shadow stamp!!! :)

  4. Great cards and jealous of your evening with Tim!