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Friday, 3 September 2010

Christmas decoration

Just a simple decoration :-) I painted the triple frame with Viva Decor in Emerald Green, then it sat on my desk for about a week whilst I got around to digging out the large christmas brads I had intended to put in each frame. However - disaster! The brads were an entirely different and clashing shade of green, they looked awful.

So back to the drawing board - I rummaged in the "Christmas bit and bobs" drawer and found these poinsettias and also some old background paper I had forgotten about. I cut the paper to fit - you can't really see much of it, but the white card that came with the frame would have been glaringly obvious! After putting the poinsettias in each aperture I decided it needed something else, so I added the red pearls.

And by the way ...... poinsettias don't count as flowers ...... they are part of Christmas LOL.
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  1. They are flowering shrubs Wendy and you can't bend the rules just because it is Christmas LOL!! They definitely look like blossoms to me!!

    Fab deccy by the way!

  2. They are really nice. I love the christmas flowers :)

  3. Lovely. I adore these flowers.

  4. Very pretty card. It looks like it took a long time to make. TFS. ~Glen~