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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

No, really, I DON'T do flowers

Some more stashbusting cards - that bag of flowers does not seem to be getting any smaller though! The card blanks are from the "misguided gift" pastel set, actually I will admit to quite liking this green :-) The mats are made from a metallic gold blank and the die cut frames are cut from a glimmer misted "ugly mail order mistake" blank. The butterfly is from the infamous Primark necklace which so many of us crafters have bought to take apart - I wonder if they know why their sales have gone up????

I am flowered out now - the bag can go back in a drawer out of sight - normal service will resume forthwith :-)
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  1. Love that die cut mat....might need to invest in that. I have some of those butterflies too :) Beautiful cards Wendy :) TFS

  2. They are really lovely Wendy and I know you will hate me for saying this but you do have a talent for using floral stuff - I love these cards. (Now I will run and hide LOL!!!!)

  3. Yes, obviously you don't do flowers :) They look great mind.