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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Cross stitch UFO - finished!

I bought three of these Sunset kits, by Derwentwater I believe, several years ago at a stitching show in Brighton.  They have each taken about three years to complete, not because they are large ..... or difficult ..... but because I lost enthusiasm very quickly on each of them.  I even bought three frames, framed the first two and put all three frames on the wall so the empty one would act as motivation!  Didn't work ...... :-)

But finally I have finished, here it is:

Here are all three in their long-awaited glory - difficult to photograph because they are on the stairway wall, so I can only get the width of the stairs away from them to take the picture!  But I think you can get the idea :-)

There are several more in the same series and they are all lovely.  But for me, three is enough :-)  I have many, many UFO cross stitch kits, so it's on to the next one!


  1. They look great on your wall, well done on persevering.

  2. I think that is my favourite of the three xx Looks really lovely - well done for finally finishing it

  3. Congratulations on finally finishing this trio. I remember you were working on that pretty much the whole time I've known you-- ten years!!