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Thursday, 5 June 2014

40th Birthday card

Picture the scene.  DH comes in from work with:  "It's P's 40th birthday on Monday".  Well, it's Thursday evening, so I have plenty of time.  Then the penny drops ...... DH has a semi-regular Friday evening with our friends P & S at their home and this Friday is going to be one of them.  So what he actually means is that he needs to take the card with him when he goes on Friday ....... I actually only have the remainder of Thursday evening, after dinner, to complete the card.  Eek!

But all is not lost - I have a box full of semi-prepped card bases and there must be one I can finish off as a masculine 40th birthday!

And here it is :-)  I had actually almost finished it previously, but was stuck on the final extra little topper.  Turns out that a nice 40 is just the thing it needed!  The papers are from a MME 6" paper pad and the lace edge border is a Dienamics die.  The numbers are Thickers.  I think it works as a male card even with a ribbon on :-)

And the moral of the tale ..... Be Prepared!  LOL.


  1. It looks great Wendy. Nobody would guess that it wasn't tailor made for the occasion. I always make up any kits, leftover from my classes, to keep on hand for these kind of 'emergencies'!

  2. Or 'Husbands should give one week's notice of cards required' Mine makes life easy for me, he just doesn't give cards to anybody except me LOL!!

    Fab card, love the design - hope you don't mind if I save this in my 'ideas for the dreaded men's cards' file.

  3. I'm sure your husband's friend was well impressed, it's a lovely card.

  4. What luck! I know you were iffy about it before you stuck the number on.. it looks great!