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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

thank you card

I found some stamped and cut out flowers in my 'useful bits' drawer and thought I had better do something with them :-)  My card box has mainly birthday cards in and I am trying to round it out a little with some other types - so this one became a thank you card!

I stamped and embossed the SU sentiment in chocolate brown and positioned the flowers, sticking the middle one down only as this is the one which is flat to the card.  This enabled me to determine the position of the score lines.  After scoring, I attached the remaining two flowers - one using 1mm foam tape and the other using 2mm.  Now it was going to be left like that, bit I felt that there was something missing ..... so I punched out some fronds (Martha Stewart) and placed between the flowers, then added some pearls at the corners.  Now it's done :-)


  1. It's gorgeous! I found some flowers yesterday that I stamped with this stamp and you've inspired me to get cutting them out and use them!

  2. Ooh that is a gorgeous card. I love the stamped flowers.
    Sue x

  3. Lovely flowers . A card to say thank you will be well appreciated when they see this card.

  4. LOL Pink and flowers on one card - we will be having to give you a stiff drink on Sunday to recover :P

    Really lovely - for someone who doesn't do flowers, you do them beautifully x

  5. I love that sentiment on the top. You have a fabulous collection of sentiments stamps!