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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Scrapbooking Retreat!

Turns out I didn't have much time to bake for the freezer (other than some bread), because I spent the entire rest of the wek getting ready for a scrapbooking retreat :-)

Karen and I travelled to Debden together, my car was full to the gunwhales with bags of paper, trimmers, embellishments..... you name it, we took it! I took along my entire collection of punches - they filled seven boxes (and a large portion of the car boot!). The journey wasn't so good when we had to queue for the Dartford tunnel from 8 miles away.... I have never done 8 miles in first gear before, and hope I never will again!!

Still we got there eventually, it took a while to unload the car, but then we could finally get down to some serious scrapping. Over the weekend I managed to finish off my 2008 album, apart from a couple of bits of journalling, and start my Venice album, which had proved very difficult to choose photos for..... In all I managed a total of 15 pages, then I ran out of photos! Did some stamping and made a couple of ATCs, then the weekend was over :-(

The journey back was a lot quicker and after I had got back from dropping Karen off, I collapsed in a heap on the settee with a nice glass of wine :-) What a fabulous weekend!


  1. Cor, you were prolific! Great LOs pictured, and to round off with a big glass of wine..perfect!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time xxx Myself and friends have set up our own weekend away scrapbooking ... It's the best going away with like minded people!

  3. Great lo's Wendy....and a pic of Me!!! :O :)

  4. Ah yes, I had my head down most of that weekend but I did see the flash of your camera when you were taking those photos! :) Roll on the next crop!