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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

It's freezing!

Yesterday I finally, after some months of saving, got my brand new freezer. I went for a frost free one as I was so tired of having to defrost the old one every 6 - 8 weeks....... So yesterday morning DH got the old freezer out of the kitchen before he went to work and I waited for the delivery men, who turned up at about 8:10.

They got it into the kitchen, but after much umm-ing and ah-ing, decided it wouldn't go into the slot without other things being moved, which wasn't their job, so they left. I asked them for the cardboard box it had been packed in so that we could move it around the kitchen without damaging the floor, but they didn't want to take the polystyrene out of the box and didn't have any other empty ones. Then they drove off, leaving me with an barely accessible kitchen (it's galley shaped, so a freezer in the middle fills it up quite substantially!) and worrying about having to move everything.

10 minutes later it dawned on me that if DH had got one freezer out on his own, couldn't the two of them have got one in, reversing what he did???? Why is it I never think of these things when I am actually talking to the delivery men???

Last night DH came home from work, he and DS1 got the freezer in, without moving anything else, in about 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing or what :-)

I feel a baking session coming on :-)

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  1. Delivery men. I nearly killed two of them when they delivered my washing machine. Forgot to mention there was 2 steps down into my kitchen. Oops. You just forget when you do it every day don't you? Well I did ;)

    Hope you baked up something yummy!