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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bank Holiday weekend

What a weekend that was! Not sure where it went, but it was good while it lasted. DH and I tackled the half of the study that usn't occupied by my crafting stuff, and managed to make it organised enough so that not only can we find things, we can get to them too...... :-)

I finished 6 pages that I had started at the previous crop, 3 double LOs, will post the other two tomorrow. I also did Misty Morning from the page kit I had made up from the crop but not got around to starting - just as well because the finished page is very different from my original idea :-) It hasn't photographed very well - there is a flash reflection in the photo and the purple colours look more brown... trust me, it's better in real life and I am very pleased with it. Calais is what I call a "serendipity page" - a page resulting from desperate attempts to cover up mistakes, which ends up as a good page you would never have thought of otherwise! No, I am not going to say where the mistakes were......

I also roasted a huge turkey on Sunday, which was lovely ....... as were the turkey sandwiches and turkey curry we had on Monday .... and the turkey sandwiches today ...... should be having the last of it tomorrow :-) Oh apart from the two bags of chunked meat, the three bags of turkey & gravy pie filling and the pints of turkey stock that are in the freezer!


  1. love the Misty Morn LO ... very atmospheric.

    Turkey is a strange joint ...buy a small one and you long or the left overs in sandwiches but buy one a little larger and it goes on forever.

  2. The photo on the Misty layout looks fabulous!

  3. Love the edges on the Misty layout. By the time you have finished that turky it will be Christmas and you will have to start over again lol

  4. Love the Misty layout. What a beautiful photo too.
    Hope you still like turkey by the time Christmas comes LOL x

  5. great los love the swirls and the misty pic is gorgeous

  6. Blimey that must have been a monster turkey :P

    I love the Misty Morning page it's so atmospheric, what an amazing photo.