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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Forbidden Planet

A bit late in posting this one, but my excuse is that we have visitors and had 12 people over for home made pizza on Saturday and I had a crop on Sunday........

Anyway, last Friday was DS2's 18th birthday, and he wanted to have a day out and go to the Forbidden Planet store in London. So off we went on the train and met our London guide (aka Sy!) at London Bridge. After a convoluted tube journey we arrived at the store. I was amazed - I had thought it was just comics and action figures, but they had all sorts of stuff, including a fantastic book section. Most bookshops have fewer SF books than we do on our own shelves, so to see such a selection was a great treat. DS2 was in heaven and got the books he wanted, plus some Star Trek goodies including a starship model that he had been after for ages. We then went off to the Cinema shop, where he found a Star Trek T-shirt (did I mention he is a trekkie?!), stopping off in a new age / crystal / tarot type shop on the way as they had some really lovely gemstones, which both I and DS2 collect.

Sy took us to lunch in Pizza Hut, then we made our way back to the tube station, stopping off at Blade Rubber Stamps - I was very restrained, just one stamp and two pens...... Dozed off on the train journey home while DS2 read his new book, well it had been a long day!

In the evening, after a much-needed resting of feet, we took DS2 out for a meal, he chose a Chinese restaurant and had his favourite lemon chicken. When asked if he had had a good day he said that it had been fun! Thank goodness for that..... :-)

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