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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Day Four - shopping!

Today I planned shopping , baking and patchwork. Went off to Eastbourne in the morning, got most of what I wanted (though Next didn't have any socks -boo!) and had a good walk round. Lakeland had a baking tin I wanted, it's a bread tin with a lid, so the loaf is completely enclosed. Might try that out tomorrow...... They also had their new super duper baking range on 3 for 2 offer - so I bought 3 flat trays for biscuits. But when I got them home, they didn't fit my oven!!! Yes I know they say measure your oven first, but I didn't expect any problems with my new, standard size oven - not like I had with my old narrow one - and really, I would not have thought that the depth of the tray would be an issue! They stick out so much at the front of the oven shelf that I can't close the door on them, I am really disappointed. Apart from that, Lakeland was fab as usual, and I will have to take the trays back on Saturday morning before I pick up Karen for craft day.

I was a bit tired to start baking when I got back, so decided to try some patchwork instead. I have an awful lot of books on patchwork & quilting, but have never actually done a project from any of them! My previous attempts have just been sewing squares together, I have never made a proper patchwork block. Until now! I had a box full of DH's old work shirts, all the same sort of fabric, all blue toned, and I have kept them for years meaning to make a patchwork from them. I am now the proud owner of two blocks from these shirts! They are a bit wonky and could do with pressing, but they are my very first proper blocks :-) The project is from "Stashbuster quilts" by Lynne Edwards, for a single quilt I need 154 blocks. Two down......

It's now 8:30pm and I have cleared the kitchen from tea, not really sure I feel like starting any baking now - might see if DS1 wants to give me a hand, if not it will have to be tomorrow. I have to be in all day, not to mention getting up early, as Tesco are delivering some wine (slurp!) at any time between 7am and 7pm.

So endeth the fourth day. Sy, I am keeping you in suspense as to whether I bake or not :-)


  1. Another interesting day Wendy - great idea for using up the old shirts. I must get my quilt finished, the top is done just need to construct it - must give Jacqui a ring sometime. Right nose back to the grindstone I still have BTEC stuff to do!

  2. What a hectic day you had ... I can understand your frustration over the baking sheets but I LOVE Lakeland too

  3. My sister does patchwork, she always comments on hers being wonky too and I can never see it. I'm always impressed by people that can sew and make pretty things like that. Can't wait to see what your finished one looks like.

    I had the same trouble with pampered Chef Pizza stones. I bought one without thinking to measure my oven. Wouldn't even fit a teeny bit in. But my oven at the time was quite small so my own fault really :P I swapped it for a mini muffin tray.

  4. Impressive patchwork! You have reminded me that I must get mine out again. It's been a work in progress for longer than I care to remember. I am sewing mine by hand, little hexagons. It takes forever, but the bit I have done actually looks quite good. I've just got to get going on it again. It's not perfect by any means, but I think that is part of the charm of handmade. At least, that's what I'm sticking to!