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Friday, 31 July 2009

Day Five - Bread and Whine

OK Sy, suspense over - we did bake some choc chip muffins last night!

Today I had a wine delivery from Tesco, due to be delivered any time between 7am and 7pm ..... so I got up early (yawn!) and waited... and waited.....

In between, I did quite a lot of baking - I actually used two of my new tins from Lakeland, something of a record for me, usually I buy them, put them away, then discover them again later :-) I made an onion granary loaf, some mini sponge flan bases and some multi grain bread rolls. Also got five more patchwork blocks done - only 147 left to go :-)

The wine man finally arrived at about 4:30, and was a bit put out when I wanted to check the delivery - he wanted me to sign the little electronic gizmo without even seeing any paper work! Oh the paper will be in the box, he said. Hence the 'whine' in the title LOL. I opened the box and checked anyway :-)

Tomorrow is our monthly craft day, this month it's at my house. Sy turned up about an hour ago and she is offering helpful suggestions as I type LOL. Then Sunday will be the crop at Cardinal Colours, so I should have some LOs to post then.

So endeth the 5th and last day of my holiday. Look Sy, finally a baking blitz!


  1. Everything looks so yummy. I used to spend the day baking when the kids were young... I found hubby said nothing about the lack of housework when every surface was groaning under the weight of fresh bread, farm house style cakes and American cookies. I spent 3-4 days baking, every two weeks ...much more fun than dusting and ironing and there was a fun result you could eat lol

  2. I'm with Angie -it all looks lovely - wouldn't last long round here; I think my lovelies scoff it because frankly, they know that the baking thing won't last so they have to make the most! Hope you have agood craft day - I'm off to a crop today, LOs all round then!?

  3. Those look yummy!!!! can I have some?!