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Monday, 22 June 2009

We made it back from Devon!

We got back from Devon at about 8:00 last night, had a bite to eat and a glass of wine or two, then off to bed - we were so tired!

The journey there was, er, interesting ........ Sy doesn't like single track country roads, so that is exactly where the sat-nav took us! We had to swerve into a hedge to avoid an AA van driving a wee bit too fast while towing a vehicle - it looked like there was room until suddenly we realised that the trailer was wider than the van ........... When we arrived, Lyn said well why didn't you come by the main road.........?!!! We made sure we left by that route :-)

A good time was had by all - Sy made some beads with her melting pot, Karen got lots of Christmas cards done and our hostess Lyn showed us some new techniques for backgrounds. We actually made Karen do something "messy" with ink (though she did cheat and wear gloves)!

I took my cross stitch and some medallions to colour and assemble ........ unfortunately I forgot my magnifier, so couldn't do any stitching - it's a pale colour thread on 16 count aida and I just couldn't see it properly even with my glasses on! So I made up my medallions, which look rather good - I will take a photo and add it to this post later.

So it was a lot of fun, but I am glad I have the day off work - I definitely need to recover :-)


  1. Thank you ladies for a fabby weekend. I don't think I will ever forget Sy's reaction to single track roads - one of the best comedy moments ever ;-)

    I haven't unpacked my craft stuff yet, will hopefully get to that later today. Thanks Sy for doing all the driving and getting us there and back safely.

  2. Not a problem!!! I would do it again in a flash. The drive is long, but with company it flies by, so it's fine.

    If only there was a way to craft and drive at the same time.... *sigh*