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Friday, 19 June 2009

Three Go Mad in Devon

Wow, two posts in the same day.... :-)

KraftyKaren, Karma-Sy and I are going to Devon for a crafty weekend, staying with someone from a craft email list we are all on. After much anguish and trauma, I have finally made a decision on which projects to take with me - I am taking my cross stitch and a lot of stamped medallions to colour in.

Karma-Sy came down from London yesterday and we had fun trying to make a minty sauce like the one at Indian restaurants, the one that comes with the poppadoms. I think we succeeded, will post the recipe next week after we come back. At the moment we are waiting for KraftyKaren to arrive, then we will setting off on our 5 hour drive ........

Hmmm, better start packing the car then :-)

1 comment:

  1. Hey guess what - we are back!!

    Thanks for a great weekend girls and yes I am the sissy! or is that pissy??????