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Friday, 5 June 2009

Do I hear the patter of tiny blog-feet?

After months of talking about "having my own blog........" I have finally taken the step! Or the leap from the cliff, depending on how you look at it :-)

So..... scrapbooks and cookbooks? I have been scrapbooking since 2004, after a trip to New York inspired me to record it in a way that was "more" than a digital shoebox of photographs. Though I have been crafting for much longer than that, 20 years or more of mostly cross stitch and a bit of knitting and sewing. Then in the mid nineties, I was introduced to cardmaking and rubber stamping, then scrapbooking - with a little patchwork, furniture painting, decorating objects (long before it became known as "altering"!) and beading along the way.

As of today - it could change without notice! - I have 224 cookbooks, around 180 baking tins (haven't counted those recently) and am famous at work for my shortbread! I like to make my own bread, pizzas, and cook mostly from scratch, though I have found that longer hours at work do mean more shortcuts!

Well, that's the first post, late on a Friday night ..... I have a craft day and crop this weekend, so there will be more to come :-)


  1. Hi Wendy and welcome to blog land :) Looking forward to what you post

  2. Hello Wendy - have added you to my blog favourites list so I will be expecting you to update regularly LOL!!

    Thanks for the shopping trip today - glad I'm not a sissy!!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging Wendy. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. :o)

  4. Hi, it's me... the sissy! Waaaaah!!! It looks different on my computer... but still looks good! Stick the followers gadget back on. :)