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Monday, 14 November 2011

Little Buttercup

Another retreat class. I changed this one a bit too, in the original there was a hidden journalling envelope and only one photo, amongst other things LOL. Well, I don't do hidden journalling, once my pages are in the protector, that's it, they are never to be touched again! No interactive pages for me :-) And of course, since this is a Little Girl page, there is no journalling anyway, hidden or otherwise.......

Now I don't usually do torn paper either, but over the weekend I was tearing and inking like a maniac! I really like the way the torn/inked edges look on this page, will definitely do it again, along with the windmill - I foresee several of those finding their way into this LG album :-) I added the pearly butterfly swirl as it had been in my stash for ages and I really wanted to use it up - it does look good paired with the windmill.

I think this is my favourite class-based LO of the weekend :-)
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