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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine and anniversary - 52CC week 5

Three prompts from the prompt jar for week 5 of the 52 cards challenge :-)  These were: pale, glitter, love.
Now you know I don't do glitter.... LOL.  But I have used the 'pale' and 'love' and added a bit of pearly bling instead of glitter!  I have to say, wasn't really inspired to make a Christmas card from this prompt, so did two everyday ones instead - Valentine and wedding anniversary, since it's our 29th coming up next month.  Good job DH doesn't read my blog........

For the anniversary card, I robo-cut two postage stamp mats (cut file from the Silhouette site, big thank you to Trish for pointing the way!)  The plum paper is a freebie from work and the pale background papers came with a magazine, which may have been Simply Homemade.  I punched out the two hearts and attached them to the base using foam pads, so I could tuck the pearl swirls underneath.  Then I stamped the sentiment (Stamping all day), it's little bit wonky, but I'm sure he won't notice LOL.  Then the pearls in the corners.  But it was missing something.... so I tucked some laser-cut gears under the heart too, and added pearls to the sides of those, supposedly to be like lines indicating motion ...... but actually to cover a smudge of ink near one of the gears, so I had to do the same 'fix' on all three!  I like the way they look, so that's OK :-)

The Valentine card was much simpler.  A while ago I bought some double-fold card blanks in a linen finish, by mistake - I hadn't read the description properly and thought they were ordinary single fold.  However this has turned out to be a good thing, as I can cut off one of the thirds and then trim it down to a mat to fit on the now single fold blank.  The same freebie plum paper is matted underneath this to give a very narrow border and I used a south-western corner punch for a bit of detail. Then I punched the two hearts in plum and pale paper as I had done on the anniversary card, but this time added a punched heart in a pink magazine paper (Making Cards).  This was stuck with red tape just down the centre so it could be 2D and I added a line of pearls on each heart, plus one in each corner.  No space to put a sentiment, but if you get a card on Valentine's day with hearts on it, I'm sure it's pretty clear what it is LOL.
I really like these two, and I must work out a way to put a sentiment on the second design, as I'm sure I could use it for several occasions.


  1. Lovely cards.
    The anniversary one is my favourite as I love all those pearls & swirls.

    Toni xx

  2. Ah! Have just found your blog! Well I left a comment on the thread on UKS but I'll say it again - two fab cards, I love how you have used the postage stamp background as a double mat, very effective and I'll be having a go at that one soon!

  3. Both great cards Wendy, love the postage stamp background and the heart print you used. :)