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Sunday, 14 July 2013

"Destination & Journey" box framed picture

Inspiration is a funny thing ....... a few weeks ago I had decided that I really should use the texture paste I had bought after Sy had shown me how to use it, so I applied some through a mask to a piece of linen-effect card.  I didn't know what to do next, so left it lying around on my desk. 

Then last Friday evening, it happened that I was doing some blog hopping, with a glass of cider to hand LOL, and was reading the Tando and Craft Barn blogs - both of them had projects involving mists.  So I (or was it the cider?) decided that what that texture-pasted card really needed was some misting!  Off I ran into my craft room and applied some Cosmic Shimmer mist in Patina, blotted with kitchen roll then swiped over the top with a chalk ink pad.  I found the tag, which I made, oh, at least a year ago, but had never found a use for, in my "useful bits" box, together with the embossed piece of cardstock and the die-cut squiggle borders.  Then I spent some time arranging and re-arranging the elements before having the sense to let the misted piece dry overnight :-)

Saturday was spent shopping, siesta-ing, pizza making .... so I didn't get back to it, though ideas were beginning to wander around in my head - I even fell asleep thinking about it!  So today, I set about trying to bring all those random thoughts together.  It was going quite smoothly until I decided that I needed to put a key on, luckily I had only stuck the textured piece to its backing board and not attached the whole thing to the picture!  So I cropadile'd a hole for a brad, then had to find some black chain and jumprings to assemble the dangly bit for the key to hang from ...... After that it was just a matter of die-cutting the piece of embossed card for the side panels, attaching the crystal swirls and the die-cut squiggles, then mounting the tag on foam tape over the top.  I did have to swear a bit as I attached the silver mandala (originally a piece of Primark jewellery!), as it refused to stick and I had to Glossy Accent it to within an inch of its life!

I have photographed it without the glass in front, here are some close ups:

The frame is from Ikea, I think it is called Ribba and it comes in various sizes - I like it because it stands on its flat base so it doesn't need hanging on a wall.  I am very pleased with this, it will be going to a shelf on the landing, but for now it is stood on the dining room table so I can look at it! 

I should also say ....... not all my crafting is cider-assisted....... :-)
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  1. Oh I love this, really fabulous.
    C xx

  2. well that is just lovely! great colours... very nice! Happy scrapping, jenx

  3. Really lovely - fab colours. I love the dragons

  4. Sure, not *all* your crafting is cider-assisted. *Most,* but not *all.*

    Kidding!!! Love this!!!!