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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Arrr! Here be Pirates!


DH is on a canal boat trip this week, together with DS2 and his partner, and DH's sister plus her two girls.  DH decided, a bit too close to the date (!), that a pirate theme would be just the thing :-)  So we ordered some shrink plastic and iron-on fabric transfer paper and waited with fingers crossed that it would arrive in time for us to make something.

We ended up with two evenings to get it done!  From the shrink plastic, we made these badges - the second photo shows the original size compared to the shrunk piece.  I have never used SP before, will definitely give it another go, I was very impressed.

Next evening, we used the transfer paper for the T-shirts, four of them, here fetchingly modelled by Cap'n Blackbeard himself :-)  Having managed to persuade the craft robo to cut the very fiddly graphic, I left the Cap'n to peel the images from the carrier sheet .... it took a while .... then it was just a matter of ironing them onto the T-shirts.  The result is fabulous, again I have never used this stuff before, but defintely will again.  You do have to be careful to get every little bit ironed though, we had a little trouble with the sword points :-)

I have put in a special request for a photo of the Cap'n and his motley crew, so watch this space for the scrapbook page!
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