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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fifty Shades of White


Happy New Year!  One of my resolutions is to use up all the stuff I have collected in order to 'do something with' - yes I know I have said that before, but this is the year!
Last year at this time, one of my work colleagues brought in an empty tin, which had contained a mug, because she knows I craft ....... it has sat in my craft room ever since.  However last week she made a remark about how she was going to organise her dressing table in the New Year, so I said 'right, you can have your tin back then... what colour would you like it?'  LOL.
Her bedroom is apparently all white, so that was a challenge!  I found this white diamond paper in my stash and proceeded to waste a piece because I wasn't careful enough while sticking onto red tape - it wrinkled and creased, I was lucky to be able to rip it off before it had stuck completely.  So then I cut four sections, and stuck those down one at a time, that worked much better!  I covered the joins with peel-off lines.
The paper edges weren't quite aligned, so I stuck silver lace trim around top and bottom.  For the lid, I punched out a scalloped circle in Bazzil Diamond bling and a smaller one from the paper.  Then I attached flowers, pearls, and a 3D butterfly, made by punching out two, sticking one down flat, then sticking the other just down the centre with red tape.
On the tin itself, I stuck another flower and butterfly arrangement (to hide where the paper was covering the lumpy seam of the tin!) and flat butterflies onto the other sections.
It took a lot longer than I thought it would do!  Not to my taste at all, I have to say, but I am pleased that it has turned looking pretty - and my colleague was very happy with it :-)
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  1. beautiful tin :) not surprised your colleague loved it

  2. Gorgeous tin, I'm not surprised your colleague loved it. I'm also guilty of having a huge box full of things that I've saved to do something with so you're not on your own there.
    C xx

  3. I've done similar things before, but not as pretty / effective as this - I'm inspired!
    One handy hint for using the red DST (or any DST, actually) is to peel the backing off and then cover the sticky surface in Pritt or similar stick glue. This allows you to slide the paper around a little, and when it dries you get a really strong bond, effectively the same as using straight red DST. Just a thought!

  4. Cool tip, Eileen! It reminds me of the tip about using washing-up liquid with sticky-backed plastic. :)

    I was there for this process, I'm glad that the recipient liked it!!