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Thursday, 31 January 2013


I had got out of the habit of making ATCs, but have re-discovered how much I enjoy doing them!  These are for the ATC trail over on UK Scrappers - it's a great swap as you just make one ATC each for the person before and after you on the trail, so no big commitment to worry about.

I have done my favourite smooshy ink / overstamped background on two of these, with text / butterfly added.  The third one has some embossed cardstock, butterfly and die-cut trail.

Come and join us on the trail :-)

Update on boiler situation:  Mark the lovely plumber came round Monday afternoon and fixed it - we are very relieved because the boiler is 35 years old and we had thought we might need a new one.  It turned out that 35 years of dust, dirt, etc had obscured the sensor that allows the pilot light to work.  He took over an hour to clean it out (assisted by DH who was very interested in the inside workings of a boiler!) and it cost us £60.  Bargain!  It did take ages for the house to warm up again, it's amazing how cold the place gets with absolutely no heating - you don't appreciate these things until something goes wrong!  And having hot water again was bliss :-)
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  1. Glad the boiler is working now :) Beautiful ATCs I want to have a go at making more....now just to find the time - I love yours.

  2. Glad the boiler is working again - I love our warm air heating because even if it has been off for days it takes only 10 minutes to get the whole house warm rather than waiting for rads to warm up.

    Gorgeous ATCs

  3. These are lovely and I am now the proud owner of the one on the right!

  4. And I am the very proud owner of the other two :-D

  5. These are lovely, I'm looking forward to being your swappee/swapper