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Saturday, 9 July 2011


This is the cross stitch piece I finally finished last weekend, having started it in March 2010, and I have now put it into a frame. It's a kit from a magazine and came supplied with the green fabric - if I had had the sense to start stitching the green leaves first, rather than all the red poinsettia, I would have switched to ivory fabric as the green on green was quite tricky! But since I had done all the red, I decided to carry on regardless :-)

The original design had the frame and swirls stitched in gold metallic thread, which I found absolutely impossible to use, so I bought some ecru floss and mixed it with gold blending filament and it has come out rather well.

It has been going for so long now that I am quite fed up with it! But hopefully, by the time next Christmas comes, I will like it again :-)
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  1. Wow you have done a fab job it looks great :)

  2. It's always worth the time, it looks fantastic. And I bet you feel thrilled to have finished. :)

  3. Wow, it looks great, well done.

  4. Gorgeous nice to see it finally finished - it looks fabulous in the flesh, shame photos never really do justice to stitched pieces.