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Sunday, 24 July 2011


This is a picture of the chess set DH laser-cut as a present for a friend out of black and white acrylic. As usual with these things, it took far longer to design than to actually cut!
The page also took a lot longer than I thought it would - I had the idea about complete in my head, but I didn't realise just how long it takes to punch out 32 squares and stick them all down in a chessboard pattern! Then I added the gold frame, chess pieces, crochet lace, black ric rac and gold die-cut border. This was all done at the crop last month, but then I decided the pieces needed to be a different black and that I wanted a piece of black patterned paper at the side of the photo, so I took it home and added the black flocked paper and pearl swirl.
My robo then refused to cut the chess pieces and the (original) title because the carrier sheet had come to the end of its working life and I had to wait for a new one to arrive. Of course, once I had ordered it, I found the second of the pack of two I had previously bought......
Having cut the pieces and title in black, I realised that actually the black letters didn't look very good, so I looked through my stickers and found these American crafts thickers. Did I have all the letters I needed?? Of course not! I managed to find a supplier who still had stock and ordered a couple of packs.... then waited.... and waited..... They finally turned up a few days ago, but I had something on my desk I didn't want to move .....!
So finally, today I added the title, die-cut journalling box and two masks in black and white to represent the two opponents. I really like this black/ivory/gold combination :-)
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  1. Great LO - very bold and striking! :)

  2. This looks great - very imaginative.