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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Mirror, mirror, on the wall......

I haven't blogged for a while, mainly because I have been trying to make progress on a piece of cross stitch :-)

Last weekend was November craft weekend, so I thought I would decorate the second of my Ikea mirrors. I had bought some decoupage papers at Ally Pally and decided this would be an ideal use for them. My original plan was to alternate the darker colour with two paler ones, but when they were all overlapped, the darker one showed through the lighter on the overlap and it looked quite odd. So I covered the whole mirror in the darker paper and used one of the pale ones on top to look like broken shards of mirror glass :-)

The swirly corners were painted in acrylic and then sprayed with glimmer mist. The mosaic tiles were left over from another project and I only had ten - spent a while trying to work out how to use them all to best advantage! A frame of flat back pearls completed the front. I hadn't wrapped the paper over the edges very well, so I stuck a strip of metal all the way around!

It was quite difficult to photograph - one pic with flash and the other without, hope it gives you some idea of how it looks!

Two down, one more to go......
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  1. that is lovely, I keep looking for a mirror that I can alter but haven't found a suitable one yet :( and DH won't go near Ikea (he got admitted to hospital to avoid our last planned trip - ok he had gallstones but convienient timing!)