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Saturday, 12 June 2010

June Craft Weekend Part 2

This is the accordion book I made over the weekend. A colleague at work celebrated her 60th birthday recently and I had taken some photos of her sitting by her "decorated" desk. I wanted to make her some sort of keepsake, but I only had 5 photos, one of which wasn't very good! While I was musing out loud about taking some of the pages out of a ten page mini book, Sy came up with the idea of an accordion book using card blanks glued together. Well, as you know, I am desperately trying to reduce my card blank stash at the moment, so it was an ideal solution!

Just one drawback - I had to buy blossoms....... I have never bought any, I am just not a flowery person! But I can use them on cards (which get given to other people!) and in Little Girls album, so it's not a total loss.......

I started the book at Karen's on the Saturday, having made a mock-up first to see how it worked. The cards were glued together, photos stuck on, eyelets attached and ribbon threaded through. On Sunday at the crop, I punched out small flowers to cover the back of the eyelets and then spent ages moving a swirly die cut and the pink flowers around on the front of the book until they looked right! A peel off sentiment and some pearls completed the look. My colleague comes back from holiday next week, so I hope she likes it :-)
Meantime, I am thinking of what else I can use these stash-busting accordion books for....... mini recipe books come to mind.......


  1. Aww that has worked so well she will love it.

    If you add a little pocket bit at the botto of each page you can keep tags in them, or fill each section with a 'to do' list, useful at xmas. One page for what presents to buy, one for cards, one for the cake etc...you could attach £5 to each page with a aper clip and give as a present...providing you know someone you want to spend £20 on lol..what about using it as a get well card, with an inspirational poem on each page..

  2. Really lovely Wendy and it was fun watching you make it on Sat/Sun. I am sure your friend will love it.

  3. It's beautiful your friend will be so pleased x

  4. It looks great! I hope your friend at work appreciates it as much as we do. :)

  5. I am sure she will love it it is superb

  6. sure she'll love it, it's a sweet gift to giv.e

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