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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Bit of a Distraction, Part Two

And now - the conclusion (as they say on Star Trek .....) LOL.

I had smooshed some of the bronze paint over some card and stamped over it with sepia versafine, using two different background stamps - cogs and marble - they had to dry overnight. I had also sorted out the pieces I wanted to use, the pendant was from a charity shop, the 'stones' in it were a yucky shade of orange so I had painted them with viva metal paint, in crimson this time. Unfortunately it had turned out to be a bit too pink and I had fallen asleep trying to think of ways to rectify this....... came up with the idea of alcohol ink!

So, this morning, I repainted the pendant with the ink - worked a treat - and cut two pieces of background card for the remaining two compartments. Then I glimmer misted the cogs that DH had cut, mostly in coffee shop, but some in brick, as each compartment was to have a touch of red in it. The square button was from my trip to Cardiff (I put some pearls on it to dress it up a little), the blingy earring came from the bling shop in Eastbourne, the keys were from Cardiff and Barcelona LOL.

Then it was a case of shuffling everything until it looked right, sticking a few more pearls here and there. The chain (also from the bling shop) went around the sides using super strong double sided tape. Because I hate dusting, I fixed a piece of acetate over the top and attached the two flourishes.

It was almost impossible to get a good photograph though....... so I hope these give you enough of an idea! I am really pleased with it :-)

Now, back to those cards........
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  1. This is yummy ... blogger catches me out all the time with multi-part postings!!!

  2. looks fabulous, worth all the effort thinking how to use the yucky stuff :)

  3. That's great!! I never end up doing the project i intended to do either. lol!

  4. Wow it looks great! I haven't seen the original article but you should send in a letter. They might print it, you never know... :)

  5. Really lovely Wendy - look forward to seeing it in the flesh this weekend.