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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Extreme Baking Week - Wednesday

Wednesday was cakes & bars day. First I made the remaining stuff from Tuesday's plan, the surprise pies in chocolate and jam - which I have cut in half for the photo so you can see - then the mini apple crumble pies, these last being a bit of an experiment - they came out wonderfully, really yummy.

Then on with the day's list. Chocolate chip mini muffins, tropical fruit cake, flapjacks and rice krispie bars - not very Christmassy I know, but I had re-found an old recipe I used when the kids were younger .... and they are good things to take into work, everybody loves them!

At this point there were still of couple of things on the list, but I had to have a bit of a re-evaluation, as I am running out of freezer space! There are two enormous turkeys in there, after all....... I still haven't made any of my special breads, never mind the spring rolls and more mini quiches for the big party. So Thursday will have to be spent doing just enough to fill the freezer, then I will work on making more space :-)


  1. Again I say wow!!!! That's an impressive lot of baking done!

    Apple crumble pies... yummm!!!!!

  2. Like Linda E, I have salivated through your posts and then scanned the page for a recipe ....your recipe ... but nothing ....how can we savour the flavours of your amazing biscuits etc unless we try ourself. PLEEEEEEEEESE ....start a recipe blog or direct me to it if I'm just not looking properly.