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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Extreme Baking Week - Monday

Monday was biscuit day! On the list were chocolate biscuits, ginger nuts, shortbread, oat & raisin biscuits. I also wanted to make a couple of others, time permitting, which were melt-in-the-mouth choc chip biscuits and custard creams.

Well, the choc and the oat & raisin dough were chilling in the fridge and I started on the shortbread, I needed to make 4 double batches (120 biscuits altogether). Then - disaster struck! I only had enough caster sugar to make two batches. Moral: never take just a sweeping glance into your cupboard and think "oh that'll be enough sugar". I couldn't go out to Tesco before DH got home as my car is out of MOT so I needed to use his. So, on to the next thing, which was the gingernuts, 2 double batches required, and the recipe uses demerara sugar so I was fine there. Then - disaster struck! I had run out of plain flour after the first batch. Moral: NEVER take just a sweeping glance into your cupboard ........ for anything! The custard cream and the choc chip recipes both use plain flour, so they were off the menu too :-)

So in the end, I made three batches of choc (120 biscuits), two of shortbread (60), one of gingernut (60) and one of oat & raisin (60). Oh and I finished off the mincemeat I started on Sunday and potted that up. So not a bad day, even considering disasters!


  1. WOW that is extreme, well done on a 1/4 of the baking let alone all of it. Looking very scrummy :)

  2. Wow this certainly is an extreme baking week, you did really well despite running out of ingredients.

  3. Extreme baking indeed! What do yo do with them all...coz there IS lots...

  4. That is A LOT of biscuits!!! Let me in!!! :)