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Saturday, 14 November 2009

A cautious step into the world of ATCs

I have to admit.... I don't really *get* ATCs. So I decided it's about time I had a serious go at doing some. Inspired by Sy, who showed me a direct to paper technique at the Debden weekend, I made some backgrounds using two different colours of chalk ink (one lightish, one dark). The light went on all over and was swirled around a bit, then the dark was swirled on the edges. Then I stamped a crackle background stamp in the darker shade over the whole lot and inked the edges with it too, for good measure!

Result: one really incredible background. I was amazed :-) For about 10 seconds, until I thought "What on earth do I put on top???"

On forums, I am known as "here be dragons", so that was my starting point. Searching among my dragon stamps (of which I have quite a few!) I found the dragon and sword stamp shown here. I stamped and embossed it and added a gem to the hilt of the sword.

The photograph doesn't really do it justice, but I am rather pleased with it and have made some more backgrounds in the same way, with different colours, which will have their own dragons :-)


  1. I've never tried crackle effect yet - this is really lovely and a gorgeous effect.

  2. I'm not into making ATC's ... yet I gaze at those made by others ...yours is great .... maybe it IS your thing.

  3. Hooray a blog entry ;-)

    Great ATC Wendy

  4. That crackle stamp is great. Great ATC. Wotcha gonna do it with it now?