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Friday, 24 February 2017

Engagement card ... no pressure...

Last week, DH and I were exchanging emails at work and he said how much he liked the Valentine card I made him.  So, talking of cards, he said, K has got engaged, do we have an engagement card in the box???
Well.  Of all the cards there are in the box, what is the one thing I do not have..... :-)
I now have several such cards Pinned!  But in the end, the idea came to me at work the following day, so I had to do a quick sketch in my planner to make sure I didn't forget it before getting home LOL.  Never have I clock-watched so assiduously and I was out of the door like a rocket!!  When DH got home and saw me working, he knew he was doing dinner ..... :-)

Photographing mirri is always a nightmare, in the end I had to lie the card flat which has foreshortened the view a little, but every other way I tried was just a mess of reflections!
Another outing for the Tonic Celtic layering die set using mirri, white and a lilac Swiss Dot cardstock.  The sentiment is from SU and is stamped/embossed in silver, then die-cut with a pierced banner die.  The hearts are the same die, from Robert Addams, one cut with the mesh inner piece and one without.
I am very pleased with this one, once I had the idea, it came together very quickly.  I would like to know if these shaped card blanks are available anywhere now though - I can't remember how long ago I bought them, or even what brand they are, but they are perfect for big circular designs like this.  I probably ought to experiment with some dies to see if I can get a similar effect myself, any suggestions welcome :-)

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  1. Really lovely, I don't think I have engagement cards in my stash of made cards either.