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Friday, 29 April 2016

Three Wise Men

I am not able to do any crafting at the moment due to an inner ear infection - I have actually been officially signed off work, for the first time in my life!!  I have been given tablets to treat the constant dizziness and they seem to be working thank goodness, so that just leaves me feeling completely wiped out :-(  So I am using the opportunity to slowly catch up with blogging everything I finished at the retreat ...... then going back to bed!

This is a photo of DH with DS1 & DS2, taken just before they left after Christmas.  It was mostly done, just needed title and journaling, but I was really stuck for the title!  A few days before the retreat, I fell asleep thinking of page kits to pack - as you do! - and it just came to me, luckily I remembered it when I woke up the next day LOL.
The background paper is quite an old one from stash, I think it may be Prima, the journaling and image panels are Marion Smith.  I made the lines for the journaling using a Stampin' Up line stamp.  The title was cut on the Silhouette, I used the 'weld' function to join the letters.
Pleased with this one :-)


  1. Its a great title.. I may steal it if that is OK.. I have just such a photo of my two sons and my DH

  2. I agree... Fab title. Wood work for my men too! Jx

  3. The title is perfect and I hope you feel better soon.