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Friday, 20 March 2015

Wedding card

One of my colleagues is getting married in a couple of weeks' time and so we had planned to go on a girlie night out beforehand.  Foolishly I said "Shall I make a card.....?" LOL.

The timing got a bit precarious as I ordered some 8" square card blanks, in plenty of time so I thought, then they took THREE WEEKS to arrive!! They came two days before our trip to Venice and I only had a couple of days after our return to get the card finished.  So I asked everyone to sign the card blank whilst I was away, before I started work on it.  This did have the advantage of their being able to write on the inside left side of the card, which wouldn't have been possible after I had made it "lumpy" LOL.

The whole card is made using Centura Pearl in Fresh White.  I embossed two pieces of card with an embossing folder from Couture Creations, called 'Tied Together', I think.  It's a 5 x 7 folder, so I had to make a square out of two pieces and join them .... the pearl strip covers the join :-)  I had bought the flowers from Meiflower and the Ribbon Box at the Make It Show, especially for this card.  The ribbon buckle was also from Meiflower.

I found the Apache Wedding Blessing online - though apparently it isn't actually Apache at all, but from a Hollywood movie (Broken Arrow)!  But it's a nice verse, I didn't want anything too sloppy :-)  I printed it out and die cut with an arch die from Go Kreate.  I also cut a smaller arch to place underneath so that it is slightly raised, but without lots of foam pads being visible.  Assembly was a bit tricky, as my normal Herma repo adhesive doesn't perform too well on this card.  So I had to use 'red' tape .... once it's down, it's down, no room for error - scary stuff!

After assembly, the last thing was to stick a pearl onto each intersection of the embossed mat.  I don't think I have missed one ........ fingers crossed!

The girlie night out is this evening, but sadly I can't go, so I will have to wait until Monday to hear if she likes it!


  1. Beautiful - she will love it .

  2. Beautiful card and I love the sentiment. It's something different but very, very nice!

  3. Really pretty. I love the dainty flowers in the corners and it's good to see the sentiment as the feature. Beautiful