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Monday, 2 March 2015

Buy it - Try it week: Monday!

Our trip to Farnborough deserves (needs!) a full week of BiTi.  The intention was to start on Saturday when we got back and continue on Sunday.
However .... I got waylaid by a UFO and spent most of my Sunday working on that, not using anything I had bought at all, though the crackle glaze was a recent re-stock! .... I'll post that during the week.
I did try test-cutting my new dies, a Tonic Studios frame, a TS heart and some Sue Wilson corners.

So here is the die-cut, the die and the new TS ring binder die storage wallet which I bought at the show - I am very pleased with it.  I think the frame is called Boudoir square, it cuts beautifully, first pass through.
Sy painted her new ribbon rack from MDF Man in a lovely dark greenish blue, you can see it here.  I must admit, I was after some items from them as well, but sadly they had no stock - although I was tempted by the spice rack they had, it was cash only and I had run out by that time!  Maybe next year :-)


  1. Has the lumpy paper gone down yet???

    I've taken part in Buy It Try It Monday!!!