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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

52 cards Challenge - week 38

The prompt for week 38 is ...... the G-word ...... glitter!  Aargh!!!!  I don't do glitter.......
I was going to give this prompt a miss, but I am on a mission to use up 6" paper pads at the moment and one of them (from First Edition) had some glittered papers in.  So I have made this very simple card, just a piece of the g-paper, matted up and sentiment added, with jewels in the corner.

However ...... this has led to a fab discovery, which is that this particular sentiment stamp (Hobby Art) fits perfectly into this Nestie tag- it could have been made for it!  So something good has come of this prompt after all, I will definitely be using this combination again :-)

I am not doing a Christmas card though ...... enough is enough :-)
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  1. It's great when you find a die and stamp combo that you didn't buy on purpose!!! :) Score.