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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Black and gold decorated tin


I have to admit, this tin is, er ..... striking...... :-)  Not my cup of tea, but that's OK, because it will be a birthday gift for my mother in law - and she will love it.  It has been several months in the making!

It started life as a M&S Belgian biscuit tin in black and gold and yes, I bought the biscuits for the tin LOL.  The lid had an enormous letter 'B' embosssed onto it, with the corresponding debossed image on the inside.  There were also letter 'B's printed on each side of the tin base and the list of biscuit types on the base.
First I dealt with the inside of the lid and the printed base, by making gold card inserts to cover them.  Then I had to think of a way to cover the big 'B' and I decided to use embossed black metal over thick card to make panels.  Then I used the TH rosette dies in all three sizes to make the rosettes in gold card and vellum.  The largest rosette also has an embossed gold metal centre with black crystal detailing.  I cut gold and black crystal swirls into pices and put them around the rosettes.  A line of gold crystal finished off the right hand edge of the largest panel nicely.
I was stuck for a long time on how to cover the side 'B's, ribbon was an option but I couldn't find one in the exact width I needed.  Then it happened that I was using a scalloped circle punch for something else and realised that it was just the right size to go over the 'B'!  So I punched out a gold circle, but it looked a little lonely, so I added two smaller ones each side of it.
The original idea was that I will make a general selection of cards to go inside, so she can send a handmade birthday card to whoever she likes.  However I am now toying with the idea of a mini photo book instead ......
But at least the tin is finally finished!
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  1. Its GORGEOUS!! I love it and so will your MIL

  2. Oh this is lovely, I'm sure your MIL will love it.
    C xx