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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Girls just want to have fun

Finally, after much pleading and begging for photographs, the 4th Little Girl album is finished and ready for handover a week today. It's going to take a fair few posts to share all the pages with you!

To start with, one of my favourites from this album. I am not really a fan of kraft paper, but when I saw these papers (My Minds Eye?) at Sarahs Cards retreat, I bought a few with this photo in mind - and my table mate Mandy gave me the length of muddy footprint twill ribbon when I described the picture to her - thank you Mandy!

I stamped swirls all round the edge of the background sheet, then tore two different pieces of patterned kraft and inked the edges. Then it was just a case of layering everything up. I made a windmill and cut up a couple of bling swirls to go around it, then added some buttons, with a little cluster of eyelets & bling in the top corner.

The title was the main problem - I hadn't been able to think of one since having the page idea at the retreat, all that came to mind was something to do with being wet and muddy....... but I had had a similar problem with another page and had used a song title for it and suddenly the lightbulb came on - 'Girls just want to have fun' - perfect! I robo-cut it (font: Polo) in green to pick up the pattern on the paper.

This page is well out of my comfort zone with its torn and inked edges, kraft and general grunginess, but I really like it. And, do you know, I have been tearing and inking edges rather a lot since the retreat - I might even be getting used to it........ gasp!
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  1. Such a gorgeous LO! I too believe that going out of a confort zone will give you a pleasently surprising effect! I love all the stamped edges.

  2. Great LO. I love that little windmill and you can't beat a bit of tearing and inking;-)

  3. Looove the stamped background, so pretty! The combo of natural colours with the blingy pearls is great :) x