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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year - have some ice cream!

Well I don't know where on earth December disappeared to, but I shall start the New Year as I mean to go on - one of my resolutions is to blog more often :-)
Let's have a great 2012!

Here is a delicious and more importantly, simple, dessert recipe.

Crunchie Bar Ice Cream

1 pint double or whipping cream
1 tin condensed milk
4 crunchie bars, chopped into smallish chunks

Whip cream (I use a handmixer on highest speed) until you can hold bowl upside down without it falling out. Fold in condensed milk with large metal spoon until combined - you can use the hand mixer on lowest speed when it is mostly folded in, to make sure it is fully mixed, but don't over beat or all that air you whipped into the cream will be lost and it will go runny again - though if this does happen, don't worry, you can pour it into the bowls instead of making a spooned pile! Stir in Crunchie bar bits.

Pile by the spoonful into small glass bowls or ramekins and freeze for a few hours until firm.

Serves approx 8, depending on size of bowl :-)
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  1. That sounds so easy -I might even be able to do it!! Thanks xx

  2. That sounds delicious! :)

  3. Sounds really yummy thanks for sharing I'll have to try this one