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Thursday, 13 October 2011


DS2's 19th birthday - homemade pizza and birthday cake :-) Karen reminded him to take the ribbon off the cake carefully so I could use it for scrapping, so he fiddled around for ages trying to get the knot undone but eventually had to cut the ribbon in two. Then he discovered that the ribbon wasn't tied under the cake at all, but just lifted straight off !!!!

Timepiece papers again and I took inspiration from the paper for the title, robo-cutting the Roman numerals XIX - took a lot of trial and error to find the right font, until Sy suggested Times New Roman! Duh! Journalling is on Safmat.
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  1. Great layout using those lovely papers!!

    Karen x

  2. Great colours, and I like the 4 photo arrangement.

  3. A great layout and the bit about the ribbon made me smile.

  4. Hi, interesting blog! Love to see all the LOs.
    Mandy (from the Sarah's Cards weekend away we just had)