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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hell or High Water

This is more of a re-visit than a finish-off :-) I did this page several months ago but had never been happy with it - the handwritten "from this .... to this" looked a mess and I had matched the title colour so well to the paper than it could hardly be seen. It sat in my 2009 album for all those months and I got irritated every time I looked at it, because it wasn't "right" LOL. I don't usually go back to pages, because I hardly have time to do new ones, but during my marathon Bank Holiday session inspiration suddenly struck.

I printed the words out onto safmat, stuck them to some of the green cardstock and covered up the messy writing. Then I took a brown pen and outlined all the letters. And then - well no actually, that was it. Only took me many months to think of it ........

Now I am happy with it :-)
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  1. Love your LO, drawing around the title really makes the letters pop, it's one of my favourite tricks to use.

  2. And so you should be happy with it. It's great! And I love the textured letters :)