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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Trip to Cardiff

We didn't find a last minute holiday bargain, thanks to the BA strike - no cheap flights to be had! Time for Plan B. We have never really travelled in Britain, so we decided it would be nice to do that on our week off. DH said how about Cardiff and I had thought of Bristol as we lived there 25 years ago and I wanted to see it again. So the two tied together nicely! Two nights in Cardiff and one in Bristol.

Cardiff was lovely and I would like to visit again. It didn't rain all the time, though we got very wet going round the castle! The city centre has these wonderful arcades with lots of tiny shops. Having done my homework beforehand (google: craft shop cardiff), I knew there was a bead shop and a button shop there LOL. Crystals and Ice Bead shop have a website, so I can order anything I didn't manage to pick up, sadly Claire's Buttons does not - so make sure to visit if you are in Cardiff! Here is what I bought, though I haven't included all the findings and some tools in the picture. Among the buttons are also some beads - the brown glass twists and purple glass squares. DH didn't even ask "what are you going to do with those?" !!!

We also went to the Dr Who exhibition, which was very good, and had a wander round the waterside of the bay.

Bristol was much changed, as I had rather expected after 25 years! We found some pubs we recognised :-) Also went to the Clifton suspension bridge and then went to an amazing glass blowing workshop - Bristol Blue Glass, they have a website too. Sorry, I don't have the URLs to hand! I bought some glass earrings.

All in all, a lovely break. We had 4 days away and have spent the rest of the time chilling out - I have even managed to get some crafting done. More on that in the next post!

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